Have you prepared for these mappings yet?

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1. Items 1-4 must have been completed (in green)

2. Wait for the system to notify the 5th task (KYC)

3. If item 5 is already green, wait for item 6 to pass and become green,

4. If the 6th item has been approved and becomes green, you can click on the 7th button to "sign"

Enter wallet mnemonics after signing! Confirm the wallet you want to map! Before this, be sure to go to the third item on the main network list and carefully check if the address you bind matches the address (public key) you opened your wallet? We must confirm consistency! Go and operate the seventh item again! Otherwise, there is a risk of the coin not being retrieved! Remember!

5. Step 7 "Signing" Operation: Copy the "mnemonic" of your own account, paste it in the "Signing" section of step 7, and then confirm! Step 7 is the color of the edge, which means the signing is successful! (Note: Copying mnemonic words can only copy 20 groups or less, and the rest can be manually entered. Be careful and careful. If you make a mistake, there is no room for repentance. Remember

6. After successfully signing the contract, wait for more than 14 days to check that item 8 turns green, or open the main network wallet to check if there is already a "number" in the "Migration" column of the "pi main network". If a number is displayed, click the "Migration" button!

7. When the "PI Health Network" and "Available Balance" display numbers, the migration is successful!

8. Congratulations on your few becoming your permanent digital assets!

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