TELTLK Socialize|popularity:1447 We all come from the same Earth, and Teltlk will connect our hearts together. But we are not just a cross language communication tool

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This is a communication tool based on a combination of artificial intelligence and instant messaging. From then on, everyone can communicate with people in their own mother tongue and other languages. The text, language, and video information received by each person will be presented in their own mother tongue. Support single chat and a large group of 100000 people. The language of chatting with friends from other countries is no longer an obstacle.

1. AI intelligent translation, global accessible chat, including single chat and group chat;

2. Super group, supporting red envelopes, lottery, transfer, voting, fundraising, and other powerful community operation tools;

3. PI digital wallet, easy global sending and receiving of red envelopes and transfers;

4. NFT avatar;

5. Provide interfaces to support pi ecological application access and use of Teltlk;

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