Share Trip Amusement|popularity:1416 Travel around India in 10 days. Traveling to India is not just a journey, it is a transformative experience that will open your heart, broaden your thinking, and enrich your soul.

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Shared Journey This application has two main parts

1. Travelers

a. Create their travel plans and share them in private/public groups

b. Each travel member in the team can share photos and chat

c. Allocate their travel expenses to any payment in the PI token

d. Share location with other team members during travel

e. Use pi tokens to find and book nearby available services (hotels, homestays, tour guides, etc.).

f. The prices and review services provided in the application (hotels, homestays, tour guides, etc.)

2. Small businesses

a. Small businesses can use pi tokens to purchase membership programs

b. Members can list their services on the portal website